Table Of Content:

- Identify your unique value proposition (UVP)

- Social Media Presence

- Problem Solving Blog Post

- Test Paid Advertising

- Test Google & Facebook Advertising Blend

- Super Powerful Email Marketing

- Ask For Client Testimonials

- Give irresistible offer

- Build a Referral Program

- Improve Your EHR Software

Identify Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Identify your unique value proposition, figure out what you can offer to your clients, which nobody else can even think of offering.

Which is that thing that can separate you from other chiropractor clinics? What is that which other chiropractors would think 100 times and still would say NO! That is your actual UVP, and that’s your real superpower.

It can be a free initial examination and adjustment, or it can be a 20-30% Commission on referrals. It could be a community event in which you can organize and offer free initial examination and first adjustment to a limited number of people for a limited period of time.

Social Media Presence

Do you really know how many people are on social media today?

Around 3.5 billion people and there are no signs of slowing down, rather a big jump will be seen soon as the number of people who have access to the internet is increasing every minute.

Through social media, it is extremely easy for you to connect with people, and showcase your value. Do you have the power to fix their problem which they face every single day but don’t really know what to do? And where to go?

By not taking social media seriously, you are leaving tons of dollars on the table.

Being constantly active on social media, and offering value to the people for free is the best way to make them pay.

Problem Solving Blog Posts

Present yourself as a powerhouse of problem-solving knowledge.

Publish the Blog Posts which help people identify their symptoms, and figure out what they are going through and what they should do to get rid of it?

Along with a clean and fast well-designed website, build a consistent social media presence.

Tell people how to fix minor problems at home quickly, so they believe you are not just after money and really want to help them out. Touch multiple common problems which people face more often, in your blogs and assure people that they can get rid of those problems easily.​​

Blog posts are one of the best methods to get highly qualified leads and book appointments, as they are inbound leads with high intentions.

Address the youngsters who keep looking at their phones and end up getting neck stiffness issues, similarly address the professionals with desk jobs like software engineers, digital marketers, and all those who spend their whole day sitting in front of the computer and suffer with a stiff spine, old people with pain in their back and legs. These are the people who need you the most, and there's no better way to bring them in your pipeline than giving them valuable information for free.

If you are stuck on what you should write? Here are a few topics which you can write about, and search for similar blog post ideas:

- Educational content around dealing with back pain

- How to improve posture

- Best stretches for tight shoulders

- Interesting statistics or facts

Test Paid Advertising

The most effective and fastest way to book 10X more appointments, and 10X your revenue is to run ads on some of the major platforms like Facebook, google, youtube, etc.

Paid advertising is like a laser targeting the people who are actually looking for your services. You should use google ads for the highest intent clients and you can use Facebook for re-marketing and bringing them into your pipeline and booking more and more appointments.

Paid ads get you massive results in less time.

Test Google & Facebook Blend

Run google ads with targeted keywords in serviceable locations. Google gets your leads that have higher intent, and are more likely to be converted. It seemed over the years that leads that come through google ads take less time in converting than those coming from any other channel.

What makes google ads even more powerful? It's the BLEND!

Blend of Google ads and Facebook Re-marketing ads. This is the best strategy to close clients who didn’t in the first place. It is seen over the years that a person is more likely to convert if he/she sees an ad repeatedly over a period of time ( Not irritating with a higher frequency of course). The Facebook re-marketing tool is so powerful that it can help you get the value of each cent you spend on google ads.

Along with the blend, you can run separate ad campaigns on Facebook which is highly effective today and can get you some amazing results.

Super Powerful Email Marketing

Tons of marketing channels are out there, but none of them can match the ROI of email marketing. Do you know?

$1 spent in email marketing makes you $38 in return! On an average the return on investment in email marketing is 3800%.

Email marketing campaigns targeted to specific kinds of audiences get you the best results. It builds authority and trust among the audience and they are more likely to open your mail regularly.

You can create a buyer journey from lead submission to appointment booking. During the journey, you can share different kinds of tips, blogs, recent studies, easy to do at home exercises for relaxation of a certain kind of problem.

You can also include weekly or monthly newsletters that address topics like good posture, commonly asked questions, or best chiropractic techniques.

Don’t Shy Asking for Client’s Testimonial

Whenever you buy something from Amazon, do you checkout without going through the product reviews? No! Right? In this digitally connected and open ecosystem, client testimonials and reviews are the strongest weapons to multiply your revenue in half the time.

Whenever you help someone get rid of their years-old leg pain, and give them a chance to live happily ever after, ask them to share a testimonial in written or preferably video format. Only 10% of people review their purchase or experience, so, never hold yourself back from asking for a positive and true testimonial. Either take them on your Facebook page and ask them to write a testimonial, ask for their permission to shoot a quick video, and ask them theirs before and after the experience.

It is seen that having multiple testimonials on the landing page increases the conversion rate 5 times. Social proof is your proof of success!

Give irresistible Offer

Offer your client something which is so compelling and irresistible that they feel stupid to say NO!

Create a Super amazing offer that just hooks them and don’t let them think twice, something like :

Initial examination ( Including X-Ray ) for just $79 and One Hour Massage + First Adjustment is Free!

For new patients with exclusive coupon codes only!

Take time, brainstorm, and create amazing offers that nobody would want to let go of!

Build a Referral Program

‘Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool in the world, there is no faster way to grow your business than word of mouth.

Create an offer for your existing clients like ‘A special referral card using which their known person can get 30% OFF on their first examination and adjustment, and for each referral their account will be credited with 10% OFF Coupon for their next adjustment.

This simple marketing strategy can make you the top chiropractor clinic in the town.​

Improve Your EHR Software

Wait! This is not a marketing tip, but the one which will help you a lot to give a delightful experience to your clients. Enhance the efficiency of your chiropractic practice.

Upgrading your practice management software will make sure that everything is streamlined. From updating patient files to check-ins, you would want this process to be as smooth as possible.

Since you will be spending less time on managing medical records and will have more time to see extra client appointments. Also, make it easy for the clients to use their insurance smoothly and effortlessly.

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