Do you run a dental clinic?

Do you want to increase the footfall of patients looking for an expert dentist?

Do you want to solidify your reputation and presence in your industry?

Well, social media marketing for dentists is one of the most powerful ways for you to achieve all of the above. Because of digitization, the dental industry has skyrocketed to be valued at around $36.8 billion in 2021.

Staggering numbers, right? And for the coming few years, these numbers will only rise.

Gone are those days when dentists used to rely on word-of-mouth marketing and their achievements to attract the ideal audience to their clinic.

With every other person switching towards social media platforms, chances are your target audience is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feeds or spending time on any other top social media platform.

Most of the top dentists and dental clinics are using different marketing services for dentists like organic marketing for dentists, paid marketing, and other social media growth tactics.

So how can you make the most out of social media platforms for taking your dentist career to all new heights?

Don't worry. We got you covered.

We have listed seven practices that you can use to strengthen your social media presence as a dentist. But before we jump onto that, let's discuss why social media marketing is important for your field?

Why Social Media Marketing For Dentists?

No doubt, social media marketing is still in the early adoption stage for the dentist industry.

Still, it has shown significant results for dentists active on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram.

The social media marketing approach for a dentist industry is different from other industries like software, restaurants, and clothing. You don't want to convince people that what you are offering is worth every penny.

You need to build trust and gain the confidence of the patient that there's no fear in having regular dental visits to your clinic, rather it is highly important and they need to take out some time for their dental hygiene.

Because everybody is aware that they need to visit a dentist for proper checkups and the health of their teeth and gums. Still, due to the busy lifestyle, people sideline the importance of dental hygiene.

Word-of-mouth marketing and the traditional approach can take years to achieve so, but with tailored social media marketing, it's a matter of months; you’ll witness an increased footfall and boost in your loyal customer base.

Here’s what more you’ll get from the social media marketing campaign for dentists:

- Better relationship with your patients

- Gain new audience and convert them into lifelong loyal customers

- Strengthen your image and reputation

To achieve these benefits, you need to follow a 7 step guide for your social media marketing efforts.

Let's have a look.

7 Step Guide to Social Media Marketing For Dentists

As you are reading this, it means you have come a long way and you are actually interested in growing your dental career. Let’s Go!

Once you have decided to step into the world of social media to interact & attract your ideal prospect, you need a focused social media marketing strategy. Here are the steps:

1. Building Buyer Persona

Understanding all the ins and out of your target audience is one of the key factors to kick-start your social media campaign.

For example, if you are a specialist in tooth braces, you’ll target a specific set of audiences compared to other dentists with different specializations.

It will set the base for your marketing efforts and ensure you have crystal clear ideas for your strategy.

2. Figuring Out Your USP

Spotting your USP will help you to plan and execute your social media marketing campaign with more finesse. You'll be confident in representing your skills which your audience won't find in other dentists in the country.

3. Be Personal

You don't want to sound clinical and technical to the layman audience; it will do no good for your growth on social media. You need to provide simple and benefits-loaded content so, that the audience understands what you want to convey.

4. Create & Share Engaging Content

Adding creativity to your content will help you do wonders with your engagement rates.

People will be more attracted to engaging and valuable content compared to average-level boring content. It will help your presence be more solid and boost your engagement rates for a better social media presence.

5. Stay in Touch with Your Audience

Provide personalized experience to your customer socially to gain their trust and stand apart from the rest. Audiences on social media love business pages and accounts interacting with them and giving them attention.

You can comment in a personalized way, ask questions, and even conduct giveaways for your prospects to convert them into loyal customers.

6. Use Live Videos

Using live videos will help you boost your social media presence and effectively reach out to the ideal audience. Live videos have a great organic reach and can help you interact with your audience in real-time.

You can address their queries and suggestions to build a healthy relationship with your audience on different social media platforms.

7. Create Referrals & Reviews

Creating occasional offers and discounts on festivals and other occasions will help you increase your social media reach and grab the attention of patients who are ignoring the dentist’s visit scared of high-end pricing.
These are the seven basic steps you need to use with your social media marketing efforts. It's Your Time To Socialize

Going digital with your marketing approach is one of the stand-out features you can avail yourself of in today's world to stand apart from the rest.

If you don't want to hire an in-house team of social media experts, you can outsource your work for social media marketing, SEO services for dentists, or any other digital marketing efforts. So what are you waiting for?

Decide and step into the social world to strengthen your dentist career and increase your footfall of patients searching for top-notch dental treatment at affordable rates.

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